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Access to our complete brochures and information portfolio “From Melt to Yarn, Fibers and Nonwovens” The sustainable way to get the information you want – saving CO2 at the same time.


    • pdf (792.63 KB) – Facts and Figures

  • Partnering for Performance

    • pdf (2.33 MB)

      Partnering for performance

    • pdf (1.49 MB)

      Performance check Business services

  • After Sales

    • pdf (1.31 MB)

      Double-eye yarn break sensor – Designed for critical products

    • pdf (1.45 MB)

      Suction gun for high-speed string-up AS H series hand-held yarn aspirators

    • pdf (259.64 KB)

      Birotor wing thread guide High strength for production of top quality yarn

    • pdf (990.03 KB)

      Ceramic U-guides for WINGS FDY

    • pdf (145.11 KB)

      EvoQuench upgrade – For microfiber yarn production

    • pdf (305.58 KB)

      Extruder screw and barrel

    • pdf (538.27 KB)

      Repair and maintenance – Global service network

    • pdf (176.85 KB)

      Spin-finish applicator

    • pdf (553.04 KB)

      Spin pack components

    • pdf (310.81 KB)

      Wave plate thread guide

    • pdf (116.19 KB)

      WINGS Yarn guide roller

    • pdf (1.57 MB)

      Rejoin the Premier League

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