TRIVAC Vane Pump Depot Repair: Trivac Rotary Vane Pumps

TRIVAC Vane Pump
Description of a typical Rotary Vane Pump Regular Repair (TRIVAC B, TRIVAC BCS):
  1. Remove toxic materials and safely dispose of them in accordance with state and
    federal regulations.
  2. Clean the working surfaces.
  3. Replace consumable parts (o rings, gaskets, shaft seals, valve plates, vanes, plugs, vibration dampeners).
  4. Replace if necessary (sight glasses, exhaust valves, gas ballast assemblies ,centrifugal switches, motor couplings, dirt traps, inlet & exhaust ports, demister pads, fans).
  5. Reuse rotors, cylinders, shafts, bearing plates.
  6. Check motor operation and rotational lock bearings were applicable.
  7. Rebuild and test to factory specifications.
  8. Repair and re-label.

Items not covered in the repair include motors, oil casings, feet, filters, PFPE fluid, attached accessories, and missing parts.


A Major repair includes items 1 - 4 and 6 - 8 . Item 5 is eliminated and the module assembly is replaced which includes the rotors, cylinders, shafts, and bearing plates.

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