Testing department

Testing department The Testing Department has been recorded by the “Ministry for Universities and Scientific Technological Research” in the register of the “Private External Laboratories, which are highly qualified and authorized to carry out research with the application for small and medium industries (G.U. n° 11 dated 15/01/97).

The Department is enclosed within the Rivoli plant area and covers a total surface area of about 2350 sq. meters.
The following operations are performed:

  • Assembling of prototype mechanical units in dedicated low contaminations area, for power transmissions and analysis of the prototypes submitted to the tests on benches or on the testing ground.
  • Performance and functional tests to validate designs also for customers: control tests and operational setting up, life span of transmissions and structural elements, recording performance by means of specifically designed testing equipment.
  • Thermal characterization and validation by means of infrared thermo camera.
  • Dynamic lubrication and drag torque analysis with a specific tilting test bench.
  • Low temperature test with a – 40 °C dedicated climatic cell.
  • Performance of shiftability and durability analyses of gearboxes and synchronizers on benches and on vehicles.
  • Performance of noise and vibration tests according to FFT analysis in frequency, with loaded and unloaded order tracking (on the vehicles or on the test benches).
  • Dedicatet NVH room, with optimized and equalized reverberation time, for noise play back and analysis, also using digital filters.
  • Structural frequencies analysis and optimization with Experimental Modal Analysis.
  • Examination and evaluation of competitor components according to technical and structural solutions.
  • Performance of check tests for fulfilment of design requirements on production units.