Spare parts

Spare parts

After sales - spare parts activities

The service has the following aims:

  • Customers satisfaction
  • To assure to the Customers thorough information in 24 Hours
  • To assure to the Customers spare parts availability
  • To propose to the Customer alternative solutions should parts not be available
  • To supply items on Customers specifications
  • To assure a sole reference point as for lines of products:

1. gears and components
2. automotive transmissions
3. on/off-highway drivelines

The following activities are carried out:

  • To cooperate with the Customers to identify the queried items and provide all the necessary information.
  • To maintain all the spare part catalogue updated as far as changes and kits configuration is concerned.
  • To find out service solution to fulfil the Customers needs.
  • To fulfil unit down order in 48 hours.
  • To give technical assistance on part replacement and adjustment.
  • To enhance customer satisfied behaviour as for “ quality, value, timeliness, efficiency, front line service behaviour and commitment to the customer “
  • To guarantee spare availability by continuous monitoring stock control and prompt refurbishing.