Synchroniser units

Synchroniser units We currently produce more than 800.000 synchronisers per year for tractors and construction equipment, passenger cars and trucks. We can provide friction materials to suit the specific requirements of our customers whether it is bronze, molybdenum, sintered bronze or even carbon for the more arduous applications.

We have extensive range of synchronisers from 62 to 184 mm diameter, in ether single, double and even triple cone solutions, offering to the customers the best solution for their specific applications, in the shortest lead time and with the minimum of investment.
Our R&D capability is world renowned within our industry and provides all necessary design and test capabilities to tailored specific customer solutions from the initial design stages to full series production.
We constantly develop new products to meet the ever changing and challenging demands of our customers:

  • introduction of thrust washer as anti friction element solving the issue of premature wear of inner ring face
  • introduction of carbon material permitting quick oil evacuation and allowing higher relative speed to be synchronized and lower synchronization time when high performances are requested
  • triple cone D.90/95/100 with low module teeth to prevent double bump and to improve shift comfort under industrialization
  • modular design T/C D 105/113/119 for heavy applications under development study
  • long life synchroniser design for new high performance and low emission transmission concept