Powershift clutch modules

Powershift clutch modules The technologies available for producing the clutch housing are flow forming, grob rulling, broaching plus Laser or EB Welding, which gives many advantages to the customers: material is cleaner and less distorted, largest depth of welding (up to 15 mm), cycle time reduction, reliability & repeatability of the process and extremely competitive.

We have the capability to design, develop and test complete powershift units according to customers specific applications. Supplying the complete powershift unit gives great advantages to the Customer: geometries and functionality of every clutch are controlled 100% before delivery on a final hydraulic test bench; the Customer receives a product which is ready to be assembled on its machines; only one p/n to handle instead of several components; gear change without power or torque interruption; drive comfort, shifting and efficiency of construction vehicles are improved; any problem can be detected on the clutch itself and not at transmission level, resulting in costs and time saving for the end customer.