Drivelines for material handling and Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Drivelines for material handling and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Oerlikon Graziano offers a complete range of drivelines for internal-combustion and electric forklifts applications with lifting capacity from 1.5 to 8 tons and a comprehensive range of small and medium transmissions for your internal combustion Ground Support Equipment (GSE) vehicle needs.

With more than 30 years of experience Oerlikon Graziano is the preferred partner of choice to major OEMS, attributed in the main to our steadfast commitment to continuous improvements, optimising end customer performance/driveability, renowned reliability, ease of maintenance, resulting in the lowest possible cost of operation and ownership.

  • We can supply Transaxles for IC forklifts having lifting capacity from 1.5 to 3.5 tons, which we currently supply in two model types, the TXL20 and TXL30.
  • Our innovative front axle design with wet disk brakes for forklift truck applications with lifting capacity between 4 and 6 tons, provides outstanding braking performance and improved driver vehicle safety.
  • We can supply drum brake axle variants for internal combustion and electric forklifts having lifting capacity between 4 and 8 tons, if your vehicle design and or end user application dictates.
  • Our Industrial power-shift transmissions which was originally developed for extreme forklift applications is also ideal for all your Ground Support Equipment (GSE) vehicle needs such as tow tractors, baggage tractors, belt loaders, passengers steps, mobile medical lift, cargo loaders and lavatory vehicles.
  • The technical features and the easy of customisation make this transmission the perfect candidate for a wide range of small and medium size industrial vehicles such as railways service equipment, trenchers, pick and carry cranes, cargo loaders, the list is endless the applications varied.
  • Transaxles for AC DC electric four wheel forklift truck applications equipped with drum brakes which adequately satisfies the needs of vehicle with lifting capacity between 2 up to 3 tons.