Axles for construction equipment

Axles for construction equipment

Oerlikon Graziano is a global player in heavy axles for construction equipments

PR axles with wet disk brake (WDB) for wheel loader machines

  • machine operating weight from 13 to 32 tons
  • monolithic axle body and modular differential assembled and tested aside
  • wet disk brake before the final reduction with less workload and maximum working life
  • patented special positioning of the piston brake
  • MT differential (Limited Slip L.R. 43%) and SMT differential (Self locking L.R. 56%)
  • Patented pump oil circulation integrated into the differential with high efficient cooling of the brake disk

PR front, middle and rear axle driveline for articulated dump trucks

  • new development with one axle in front and two in the back which satisfies the requirements of ADT up to 40 tons payload, achieving 60 kph
  • equipped with wet disk brakes on the wheels and the rear axles incorporate a through-drive differential with hydraulic engagement
  • through-drive differential on the back of the middle axle allows the propeller shaft of the rear axle to work virtually with zero degrees, so the new generation of axles is more reliable and less noisy
  • further improved patented pump oil circulation integrated into the differential with more efficient brake cooling
  • locking and limited slip differentials

GA rear axle system for motor grader machines

  • a huge range of rear axles available from 7,8 to 20,5 tons machine operating weight, with wet brakes on the wheels or with wet brake inboard
  • designed with the complete tandem box
  • easy access to the drive head without disassembling the axle from the machine
  • right weight distribution to meet the maximum tractive effort
  • patented special positioning of the piston brake