High-precision gears

High-precision gears

We are the world’s largest supplier of high precision gears and shafts for final reduction components within the agricultural and off-highway vehicle markets and we have a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of crown wheel and pinion used in the most technical challenging or complex agricultural, construction equipment and special automotive applications. Our current customer base are the acknowledged leaders within their specific market sectors, therefore our intention is not only to meet their current expectations on quality, delivery and cost, but also be capable of delivering the next generation of technically innovative transmission solutions.

Crown Wheel & Pinion Set

Gleason Coniflex and Gleason Revacyle methods are used for straight bevel gears, while Gleason, Oerlikon and Klingelnberg systems are for spiral bevel and hypoid bevel sets. Dry cutting on Gleason Phoenix machines as well as hard turning techniques are all employed in production. Lapping and grinding are used to finish parts when requested (UMC is available and applied on critical ratios whether low noise emission is required). Oerlikon Graziano has been dispatching more than half million sets every year since 2000.

  • Range: lapped gear up to 508 mm outsider diameter and ground gear up to 762 mm outsider diameter 
Helical and spur gears and shafts

With more than 80 years of experience, Oerlikon Graziano is world leader in the supply of high precision gears and shafts for all mobility applications.

  • Range: gears from external dia 20 mm to 670 mm and shafts length till 1250 mm