Press releases (06/18/12) Oerlikon Graziano to showcase new multispeed EV transmission and innovative supercar transmissions at VDI Congress

Italian transmission specialist to demonstrate EV, hybrid and supercar capabilities

Rivoli (Torino - Italy), 18 June 2012 – Oerlikon Graziano SpA will exhibit its latest advances in transmission technology at the VDI Congress, Friedrichshafen, Germany on 19 - 20 June, 2012 (Foyer Sale – booth 41). The company has a broad portfolio, sharing technology, engineers and expertise across the sectors from EV to supercars. Its products are united by their compact size, light weight and a requirement for high operational efficiency. Among the innovations on display by the Italian company are a whole family of electric and hybrid vehicle transmissions, plus examples of the latest high performance supercar transmissions.

“Efficiency is a core motivator in modern automotive design for both EVs and supercars. Packaging constraints are becoming tighter and so a greater emphasis is placed on increasing torque density,” said Claudio Torrelli, Oerlikon Graziano’s head of product development. “Our eDCT EV transmission is a direct result of the experience and expertise we have gained from years of supercar development.  Weight and size are as critical for EVs as they are with supercars, and operational efficiency is crucial to increase performance while protecting operational range.”       

The electric transmissions displayed at VDI include four-speed seamless-shift transaxles using e-DCT technology, as well as single- and dual-speed transaxles, providing solutions for a wide range of electric vehicle applications. Supercar transmission displays include the dual clutch gearbox from the McLaren MP-12C and the ultra-fast shifting automated manual transmission (AMT) from the Lamborghini Aventador.

For high performance electric GT car applications, the company will exhibit a rear-drive transaxle assembly with twin 125kW electric motors. For hybrids and passenger or light commercial vehicles, a similar arrangement using twin 35kW or 25kW motors will be displayed. Both systems are four-speed types, providing seamless shifting between ratios without clutch or synchronizers.
Dual-speed seamless-shifting transaxles for a single electric motor, that are scalable from passenger car to light commercial vehicle applications, will also be exhibited, as will a single-ratio speed-reducing transaxle for electric passenger cars.

The transmission from the 700bhp Lamborghini Aventador, developed and supplied by Oerlikon Graziano, has the fastest shift speed of any road-going transmission with synchromesh. It uses independent shift rail (ISR) technology to commence selection of the next ratio before the previous one has disengaged.

The McLaren sequential shift gearbox (SSG) is the lightest and most compact in its class, and also sets new class standards for the refinement and durability of a dual clutch transmission (DCT). Oerlikon Graziano works closely with the customer to develop these types of transmission, in order to deliver the brand values expected by discerning buyers.

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