Press releases (11/11/11) Oerlikon Graziano, the world leader in precision gearing

Hanover (Germany), 13th November 2011 – Oerlikon Graziano will attend AgriTechnica in Hanover, Germany, from 13th to 19th November 2011, in Hall 26 Stand M18

Oerlikon Graziano is a world leader in the manufacture of crown wheel and pinion sets adopted by the most technically challenging and complex construction, agricultural and specialist automotive applications. The company has expertise in all production technologies required by these markets. The company uses Gleason Coniflex and Gleason Revacyle methods for its straight bevel gears, and Gleason, Oerlikon and Klingelnberg systems for spiral bevel and hypoid bevel sets. Dry cutting on Gleason Phoenix machines as well as hard turning techniques are used in the production process. Lapping and grinding are applied to finished parts when appropriate. Dimensional checks can be made with CMM technology and applied on critical ratios where low noise emissions are required. Oerlikon Graziano has produced more than half a million sets per year since 2000.

Oerlikon Graziano produces more than 800 000 synchronisers per year for agricultural tractors, construction equipment, passenger cars and trucks. The company is recognised as the world leader in synchronisers for agricultural tractor applications. Oerlikon Graziano’s syncrhoniser range runs from 62 to 138 mm diameter and includes single, double and triple cone solutions. The company has a proven capability, designing and manufacturing power-shift clutches using the most advanced manufacturing techniques including electron-beam welding. The technologies available for producing clutch housings are flow forming, grob rolling and Oerlikon Graziano’s own fabricated broached design. The company has the capability to design, develop and test complete power-shift clutch units to customer specifications. Oerlikon Graziano fits power-shift clutch pack units on every power-shuttle and power-shift agricultural and construction transmission.

With more than 50 years of experience, Oerlikon Graziano is a world leader in the supply of precision gears and shafts for all mobility applications and its range encompasses all major vehicle types and transportation sectors. Around 20% of gears produced are for Oerlikon Graziano applications, 80% are for other products. An in-house CNC facility ensures high quality levels. 



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