Press releases (03/21/11) Oerlikon Graziano among the official partners of Zetor Roadshow

Zetor Roadshow 2011 - Oerlikon Graziano remains strategic transmission component supplier of choice 

Rivoli (Torino – Italy), March 21st, 2011 – Oerlikon Graziano for over a decade has been the supplier of choice for all Zetor Tractor’s synchroniser needs; over this period we have collaborated on numerous transmission upgrades and developments and established a profitable technical and commercial business partnership. Evidence of this can be traced back to March 2008, when Zetor elected Oerlikon Graziano as “Zetor Tractor Supplier of the year 2007” and it is strengthened also today, since Zetor recently upgraded the Proxima and Forterra range of tractors/transmission appointing Oerlikon Graziano as co-developer and supplier for the necessary synchroniser and power shift clutch technology, of which we are recognised to be one of the worlds market leaders. 

New powershift transmission
A new innovative powershift transmission which consists of a double clutch for powershuttle function, a powershift module with three gears (low, medium, high) and a single clutch with an integrated safety brake device for PTO function is the latest innovative powershift transmission for agricultural application designed, developed and manufactured by Oerlikon Graziano. This innovative design allows the gear shifting sequence to be performed by a powershift clutch assemble resulting in a almost seamless gear change with no power interruption.
This replaced an existing agricultural transmission, design which was complex to manufacture and fielded testing had showed it to have poor shift quality and relatively low endurance characteristics.
Also the advantage of the new powershift design is a more compact modular layout, with increased reliability and durability in part attributed to the use of the very latest friction plate material technology currently available. The net result of all this is the ultimate driver experience regards transmission control and productivity.
This type of innovations is relatively easy to apply and more cost effective than you may think and in part attributed to Oerlikon Graziano’s 25 years of experience being at the forefront of R&D in transmission design and evolution.
Therefore in all matters concerning transmission design and applications the Oerlikon Graziano’s engineering team is able to offer technical support to enable you to achieve the ultimate design and manufacturing solution. 

Oerlikon Graziano and Zetor Tractors: years of profitable cooperation
These years of profitable and stable partnership have well placed Oerlikon Graziano to meet Zetor’s current and future transmission needs and made it a sort of extension of Zetor’s own on going R&D and engineering activity.
In March 2008 this led Oerlikon Graziano to be awarded as “Zetor Tractor Supplier of the year 2007” for technical and commercial support and today our presence as advertising partner during the next Zetor Roadshow 2011, which will take place from March till June in the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Hungary, witnesses once again the importance of this profitable cooperation, the mutual benefits and trust.
The Roadshow aims to present in the Middle European region the cost-effective tractor models and their accessories, focusing to the end customers. Oerlikon Graziano is really proud to be a Zetor partner in this initiative and to support it: if you are looking for a definition of what constitutes a collaborative partnership and the benefits it can bring, look no further than that of Zetor and Oerlikon Graziano!

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