Welcome to VOCIS

Welcome to VOCIS

Vocis is a company specialising in providing advanced solutions for vehicle drivelines covering control systems software, hardware and actuation hardware, prototype transmission design and build, vehicle application and calibration.

Since late 2006 Vocis has been part of Oerlikon Graziano and can offer solutions including or independent of Graziano involvement.
May 2008 saw Vocis join the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA), thereby gaining it's own advanced workshop facility and access to MIRA's proving ground for physical protoype development.


Registered in England No: 5951595 - VAT No: GB 896801379


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Vocis Ltd.
P: +44 (0) 1926 650 308
F: +44 (0) 1926 652 829
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Unit 1, Technology Centre NW03
MIRA Technology Park
CV10 0TU
United Kingdom
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