Environmental, Health and Safety Policy (HSE)

Oerlikon Graziano is committed to protecting the environment and the rights to health and safety of its workers, collaborators and involved external parties.

Oerlikon Graziano has adopted the principles of the Health Safety and Environment Policy (HSE) of Oerlikon Management AG (Corporate) and it guarantees the pursuit of objectives and of business strategies for the protection of the environment and of health and safety, according to the principles listed below.

  • The respect of current regulations applicable to the company and of other eventual requirements dictated by them.
  • The commitment to the continuous improvement of its own performance in particular with regard to the prevention of pollution, accidents and occupational diseases.
  • The commitment to the creation of a “safety culture” in the people who operate in and on the behalf of Oerlikon Graziano Spa, because the effectiveness of the system and the implementation of policy depend on everybody’s involvement and responsibility. read more >