Privacy Regulations

Oerlikon Graziano believes that, in today’s organizational structures, human resources, intended as a strategic and primary resource of the company’s value scale, are vital in achieving excellence and obtaining a competitive advantage over the competition.

With this in mind, the group offers employment opportunities to both persons with consolidated work experience and young holders of diplomas or recent graduates who are eager to be a part of a stimulating and rewarding work environment of international level.

The selection process involves individual interviews with recruiters and specific departmental managers in order to provide candidates with all the specifics about the position to be held and, at the same time, find out more about the candidates’ expectations, attitudes, and motivations.

Targeted training will be provided to new recruits; then, as part of our continued education and training program, periodic specialized training and updated courses will be scheduled.

We are particularly interested in candidates with the following backgrounds:

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Holder of a diploma in Mechanical or Management Engineering
  • Certified Mechanic

for the design, industrialization, technical-commercial, production, and materials management areas.

All received applications will be kept on file in the Human Resource Department for 12 months.

Oerlikon Graziano respects the privacy of any person who visits its website and any information obtained by the company will only be used in accordance with law 196 dated 30 June 2003.

On receipt of your curriculum vitae and the personal information given in it, in accordance with the above mentioned law, you are informed that:

1)     Any personal data given will be handled by the Training, Development and Personnel Selection office, the data will be filed either on computer or on paper and the information will only be used within the company. The personal data collected by the company will be used to ensure the suitable selection of personnel.

2)     Once the data has been received by the office concerned, it will either be held or dealt with. If, however, you eventually decide to withdraw your application for employment at a future date, then your data together with your request for withdrawal will automatically be deleted from our archives.

3)    Since article 4 comma 1 of the law 196/2003 on the treatment of personal data deals with the deletion or destruction of the said data, you are informed - also with the aim of obtaining preventive authorization - that your personal data will be held in safekeeping for a maximum of one year prior to it being deleted from our files.

4)     Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties. The said data could be made known - within certain limits and conditions - to those employees who are specifically in charge of the different phases of data treatment, Under no circumstances will the data be transmitted abroad.

5)    In any case you are acknowledged the rights stated in article 7 of Law 196/2003 ( the text of which is hereby attached ) and you can carry out these rights according to article 8 ( practice of rights ) and article 9( conditions of rights ) of the same decree.

6)    Oerlikon Graziano SpA by its Legal Representative is the holder of the treatment of personal data. Mr. F. Pugliese is in charge of the treatment of personal data.

Art .7. Right of access to personal data and other rights.

1.    The person concerned has the right to obtain the intelligible confirmation of the existence or not of his / her personal data even if he / she has not been registered.

2.    The person concerned has the right to obtain information regarding:
a)    The origin of the personal data;
b)    The purpose and means of treatment;
c)    The logic applied where the data treatment is carried out using electronic means;
d)    Whoever is in charge of the treatment of personal data with reference to art. 5 comma 2;
e)    Those persons or categories to whom the personal data may be transmitted, this includes any territorial representatives or persons with positions of responsibility.

3.    The person concerned has the right to obtain:
a)    The data up date, corrections and, when necessary, the integration;
b)    The deletion, the transformation in an anonymous form or the blockage of data treated in violation of the law including the data deemed unnecessary for safekeeping in relation to the aims for which the data was collected and successively treated;
c)    The confirmation of operations referred to in a) and b) regarding the content made known to those persons referred to in 2 e) except where confirmation would be impossible or would mean a extremely difficult task to carry out regarding the law governing the treatment of personal data.

4.    The person concerned has the right to contest all or in part:
a)    For legitimate reasons regarding the treatment of his/her personal data, as long as it is relevant to the aim of the collection of the data;
b)    The treatment of personal data with aim of sending advertising or direct sales brochure or for market research or for business communication.