Drive Systems India - Sanand plant

Drive Systems India - Sanand plant In April 2015, Drive Systems Segment inaugurated its third Indian plant in Sanand, in the state of Gujarat, a hub for the automotive industry.

In less than two years after the ground breaking ceremony, production at Sanand has commenced.

Sanand is an established hub for automotive companies and is replete with specialized prototyping and assembly engineering talent. The new plant will allow Drive Systems to deliver high-tech products and solutions at competitive cost by leveraging local talent for local markets in an area where most current
and prospective customers are based.
At the Sanand plant, the range of products will be from transmission synchronizers, for which India is already recognized as an international competence center, to assemblies for full and final transmissions as CVT transmission for Agricultural tractors, transaxles for leisure vehicles, and axles for wheeled loader and other on/off-road applications.

The new plant is spread across 35 acres, and will employ more than 1000 people when in full production.
The plant is testimony to Oerlikon’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. More than a third of the site has been planned to be ‘green’, it's an energy efficient building resulting in 30% reduction in energy requirements, plus zero discharge of water and 100% rain water harvesting and waste water management. The plant has been built to comply with LEED Gold Standard criteria and will be applying for certification shortly.