About Oerlikon Graziano

Oerlikon Graziano is worldwide leader in the field of “Components for Power Transmission”

The experience gained during eighty years of production, the high degree of personnel loyalty and ongoing research and development have given to Oerlikon Graziano a great heritage in know-how and reliability.

During the last ten years, Oerlikon Graziano has significantly invested in innovation and Research & Development achieving important success in developing “complete systems” with hi-tech contents, also thanks to our controlled UK company VOCIS, unique talent in control systems.

Oerlikon Graziano is a dynamic, flexible and evolved company, all this thanks to the use of advanced systems of design and calculation (2D and 3d systems) which allow the innovation, conception and development of new products. Partner of its customers, Oerlikon Graziano offers its means and know-how, works in co-design and grants important services such as design, development and testing support to its customers.

Besides the hi-tech vocation during development, Oerlikon Graziano has continuously invested in modern manufacturing methods, in sophisticated and automated systems, in control and measuring instruments, updating systematically its technological equipment and reinforcing production know-how.

Thanks to Innovation, technology and manufacturing excellence, all the worldwide production units are focused on one common target: the customer satisfaction.