Custom Gears™

Fairfield offers the most extensive gear manufacturing capability available. From one inch to over 60 inches, Fairfield has the ability to engineer the perfect gear to meet your need.

With well over 1,000 machine tools at our fingertips, we offer the following gear manufacturing services:

  • Spur gears (straight and helical)
  • Bevel gears - straight, helical, and spiral
  • Ground tooth gearing; spur and helical / internal or external
  • Hypoid® gears - standard and high ratio
  • Zerol® gears
  • Shafts of all types, including plain, keyed, splined or spur
  • Differentials and differential carrier assemblies
  • Housings and custom drive assemblies
  • Tapered serrations
  • In-house heat treatment facilities covering all types of heat treatment

 Fairfield's custom capabilities can put a solution in motion whether it's gearing, assemblies or dedicated manufacturing.

To dowload a brochure with detailed custom gear capabilities, click here.

Contact us at: solutions@fairfieldmfg.com