Press releases (12/05/16) Oerlikon Graziano developed a single speed transmission for battery electric vehicles

Oerlikon Drive Systems displays its new transmission

Rivoli (Torino, Italy), December 5th, 2016 – Oerlikon Graziano unveils its most recent and innovative product developed for battery electric vehicles. The interesting opportunity to appreciate this novel technology will be given at the next CTI Symposium planned in Berlin on this December 5-8.

The new entry in the electric range products of Oerlikon Graziano is a single speed transmission for battery electric vehicle designed for a maximum Input torque of 270Nm and max input speed of 14000rpm. Lubrication concept is developed to guarantee maximum flexibility in term of installation angle to allow the highest level of compatibility with different vehicle layout. Another remarkable factor, that made it unique in its kind, is represented by the compact design (150mm center distance input shaft) focused on weight optimization.

Then, particular efforts have been dedicated to efficiency, cost and NVH optimization, crucial features for electric vehicles. This desire has been the engine that has led to the development a different parking lock system design with or without auxiliary actuation (upon customer request). All this items allow ensuring high level of functions integration with the electric motor to optimize powertrain weight and performance.

Oerlikon has set itself ambitious goals with the will to develop highly integrated transmissions for future electric vehicles, also through strategic alliances started in the previous years. Following the collaboration path marked out for the past three years and as a natural consequence of all dedicated commitments and efforts to those ambitious plans, the first product developed for high volumes series production has seen the light. Now Oerlikon Graziano is pleased to have achieved its aims that allow it to be responsible for complete development and manufacturing of this innovative transmission; including the new parking lock system.

“I’m extremely proud of these results; we worked with passion and motivation to achieve the first important milestone of this extremely ambitious project. This is the key for further successes and for delivering significant benefits to the Customers”, said Paolo Mantelli, Head of Global Sales and Business Development Automotive, Head of Automotive Business at Oerlikon Drive Systems. 

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