Press releases (12/05/16) Oerlikon Graziano at CTI Berlin 2016: a big chance to showcase a wide range of innovative products

Novel technologies on display from Italian leader in high performance automotive transmissions

Rivoli (Torino, Italy) 5th December 2016 – High-performance transmission specialist Oerlikon Graziano, brand of Oerlikon Drive Systems Segment, will present its range of transmission systems at the 2016 CTI Symposium and Transmission Expo, which will hold in Berlin, Germany, from 5th-8th December. Among the products, the Company will show OGeco, its hybrid, six-speed AMT, 2SED and 4SED seamless-shift transaxles for electric vehicles and its PTU.

Since several years, Oerlikon Graziano is studying, developing and producing new solutions for a market that is increasingly demanding a more efficient energy use and emission reduction. The company has developed some “ground breaking concepts” translated into many successful products. The wide range of electric and hybrid transmissions, which will be displayed at CTI Berlin include the latest innovative solutions suitable for a wide range of vehicle types. “Our new transmission concepts will advance the development of electric vehicles, which are the most suitable for a full electric or even hybrid vehicles, permitting the best sizing of the electric motor and usage of batteries’ power”, said Paolo Mantelli – Head of Global Business Development and Automotive Business – Oerlikon Drive Systems.

The 2SED is a dual-speed seamless-shifting transaxle that can be coupled with a transverse electric motor, for front or rear full electric axle applications. Now in its 3rd generation it has been designed for electric high performance vehicles, with maximum input torque of 250Nm. Improved characteristics include a single BLDC electric motor that actuates the dry clutch & sprag clutch combination, together with new software algorithms from Vocis to manage the gear-shifting events. The next generation of 2SED will also offer a higher torque derivative, up to 550Nm, with a dry actuated wet clutch developed by Oerlikon Graziano.

The 4SED is a 4-speed, lightweight transmission that boasts increased efficiency and seamlessly smooth shifting. Its compact, scalable design makes it suitable for a wide range of vehicle types, including electric passenger or commercial vehicles or high-performance, four-wheel drive hybrids.

The 2-Speed Automated Manual Transmission completes the range of advanced transmission technologies displayed at the Oerlikon Graziano booth. Called AVTR (Adaptable Voltage & Transmission Ratio), this full electric transmission was developed as part of an EU-funded research project (“FP7”). Used singularly it offers EVs the advantages of multispeed transmissions and if applied to two independent axles it makes the vehicle AWD while at the same time allowing seamless shifting.

Furthermore on the other side Vocis, in conjunction with Oerlikon Graziano, have designed and developed a single stage planetary transmission for use with a transverse electric motor in a high performance electric vehicle application. This single speed co-axial transmission has a 6:1 ratio and a high input torque capability of 460Nm within a very compact package. This has been achieved by detailed and in-depth design and analysis of the epicyclic gear set along with a high degree of integration with the electric motor, this all leads to a minimum of external transmission package space and a weight of only 14.6kg. The transmission is also highly efficient, with levels of over 99% achieved during transmission testing.

The new entry in the electric range products of Oerlikon Graziano is a single speed transmission for battery electric vehicle designed for a maximum Input torque of 270Nm and max input speed of 14000rpm. Lubrication concept is developed to guarantee maximum flexibility in term of installation angle to allow the highest level of compatibility with different vehicle layout. Compact design (150mm center distance input shaft) focused on weight optimization. New Oerlikon Graziano parking lock system design with electric actuation. High level of functions Integration with the electric motor to optimize powertrain weight and performance.

The programme underlines Oerlikon Graziano’s growing presence in the AWD transmission.
The new PTU weights less than 8.5 Kg and functions by diverting power from the front drive axles to a prop shaft that drives the rear axle only when required. For ease of maintenance, durability and compactness, it shares the same oil as the front dual clutch transmission (FDCT). Oerlikon Graziano with its long previous involvement in all-wheel drive innovation provides the necessary experience to develop a highly efficient, lightweight and compact unit within a very short timescale, flexibility and speed of response differentiating the company in the highly competitive transmission industry.

Visit us  at Booth C09 at the Estrel Convention Center (ECC), Berlin CTI

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