Press releases (09/14/11) Fairfield to introduce new electric drives

Fairfield to introduce new electric drives Oerlikon Fairfield is excited to introduce its new electric drives, which provide mobile equipment manufacturers with options for improved energy management.

These new additions include the introduction of the E07H, part of a family of electrically-driven Torque-Hub® products for use with off-highway applications.

Focusing on the needs of access platform manufacturers, Fairfield extended its range of successful electric drives to include the E07H, an integrated electric drive for use in larger, rough terrain equipment. The features of the E07H include a compact arrangement, high-speed AC induction motor (6000 RPM maximum), electromagnetic brake and a high-reduction gearbox to achieve a maximum output torque rating of 7000 Nm. The planetary gearbox also provides options for gear reduction ranges of 90:1 or 160:1. When powered with three-phase electrical power, this final drive solution can be used on boom lifts, large scissors lifts, telehandlers and large forklifts.

Fairfield’s integrated electric drives can be easily incorporated into hybrid electric systems. These offer alternatives to traditional hydraulically-driven designs which frequently demand peak power from the internal combustion engine.

One of the challenges associated with manufacturing for outdoor machinery is how to protect the equipment from external, environmental factors. To achieve this end, the E07H has motor options with IP67 ratings that prevent water intrusion at depths up to one meter.

The E07H has a very short profile, since high speed electric motors are more compact than low speed motors for the same power rating. Fairfield was also able to design this product with nested input and secondary planetary stages to reduce the axial length of the unit. The reduction in axial length allows this drive to be applied on steerable wheels without interference issues. This enables the E07H to be applied on four wheel drive machines where typically a traditional, hydraulically-driven system has been used previously.

Located in Lafayette, Indiana, USA, Oerlikon Fairfield is part of the Drive Systems Segment of Oerlikon AG. Oerlikon Fairfield specializes in custom gears, Fairfield Torque-Hub® planetary drives and gear box assemblies.

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