Press releases (11/19/13) Oerlikon Fairfield's new Torque-Hub® coil tubing injector drives aim to increase efficiency, reduce well-drilling downtime

Oil and gas producers to benefit from newly optimized, widely configurable range of injector drives

Lafayette, Indiana (USA), Nov. 19, 2013 – Gearbox specialist Oerlikon Fairfield has introduced a range of injector drives for coil tubing equipment anufacturers. The product family consists of three models designated TB045, TB065 and TB113 that each feature a high-ratio double planetary gear set, with reduction ratios from 42:1 to 103:1 and an output torque capacity from 45,000 Nm to 113,000 Nm.

Designed for the unit’s injector head assembly, these drives allow tubing to be pulled or pushed into the injector head, which is critical to successfully operating in rigorous conditions. The drives deliver maximum pull capacities from 80,000 to 140,000 lbf (356 to 623 kN), and their low profile and high output to weight design helps manufacturers meet road weight limiting conditions. Another unique feature of the gearbox is a design which lowers internal friction, allowing the gearbox to run cooler and quieter in long duty cycles.

“We are excited to offer oil and gas OEMs a comprehensive range of lightweight, high capacity injector drives that are configurable for a variety of customized needs, including male or female input options to accommodate electric or hydraulic motors,” says Robert Kress, Oerlikon Fairfield’s oil and gas business development manager. “Designed for rugged reliability and reduced maintenance, our Torque-Hub® injector drives complement our existing line of drives for wireline, slickline and reel drives in the support of all types of well service and workover operations.”

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