Fairfield in the News


  • Lafayette Magazine (Fall 2014) - "Driven to Succeed"

    Oerlikon Fairfield's Vir Goswami is featured in Lafayette Magazine's special section titled "Under 40 A-List: A Look At Today's Rising Stars."

    Lafayette Magazine (Fall 2014) -
  • OEM Off-Highway (July/August 2014) - "A destined hybrid of intention and collaboration" by Michelle EauClaire-Kopier

    The mounting acceptance and rapid advancement of hybrid drive system technology is paving the way for energy and fuel savings that have gone unrealized until late.

    OEM Off-Highway (July/August 2014) -
  • SAE International Off-Highway Engineering (May 2014) - "HEV drivetrain system"

    Oerlikon Fairfield has debuted a complete hybrid-electric drivetrain technology system with energy recovery from engine to wheel, enabling an up to 30% fuel-economy improvement.

    SAE International Off-Highway Engineering (May 2014) -
  • Diesel Progress North American (February 2014) - "Proposing a Powertrain of the Future" by Mike Brezonick

    Oerlikon Fairfield unveiling complete hybrid electric powertrain system for off-highway applications at ConExpo-Con/Agg

    Diesel Progress North American (February 2014) -
  • Industrial Lift & Hoist (Nov/Dec 2013) - "Productive Picking: Overhead cranes used by equipment manufacturers are tailored to the specific requirements of the application" by Mike Larson

    Uesco designs crane to meet space limitations at Oerlikon Fairfield.

    Industrial Lift & Hoist (Nov/Dec 2013) -
  • OEM Off-Highway (October 2013) - "State of the Industry: Drivetrain Systems" by Clement Strimel

    Clement Strimel, Vice President of Global Business Development for Oerlikon Drive Systems, shares his thoughts on what is on the horizon for the company in 2014.

    OEM Off-Highway (October 2013) -
  • Diesel Progress North American (September 2013) – "Cutting the Stress" by Mike Brezonick

    Gear systems specialist Oerlikon Fairfield develops new gearbox for roadheader applications

    Diesel Progress North American (September 2013) –
  • Petroleum & Offshore Technology (Spring 2013) – "Geared for Reliability" by Greg Moreland

    Gear drive systems for offshore platforms and ROVs operating at extended depths must display improved power density, optimum stress levels and withstand demanding marine environments to achieve optimum service life

    Petroleum & Offshore Technology (Spring 2013) –