Fairfield provides products and services to original equipment manufacturers seeking solutions for complex drive applications. If your product has motion, we can provide a drive solution. We manufacture a complete range of planetary drives under our Torque Hub® brand. We also manufacture custom gears, shafts, components, assemblies, and custom gearboxes.

We have over 90 years of experience designing drive solutions. Our experience extends across a wide variety of applications and industries.

Torque Hub® planetary drives for track and wheeled vehicles

Tram, track and cutter head drives for underground mining machinery and custom assemblies for surface haul trucks

Planetary drives for wheeled applications, including spray tractors, spreaders and a wide variety of harvesting equipment

Aerial Work Platforms
Planetary drives for rotating and propelling lift and access equipment

Custom gears and components for locomotive traction

Oil & Gas Production
Gears and drives for mud and frac pumps, marine winches, hoists and jack-up rigs

Wind Energy
Ring gears, components and assemblies for wind turbines

Road Construction
Planetary drives for wheels, tracks and cutter heads

Specialty Industrial
Cooling tower drives, aerator drives and mixers