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Heat Shield HS900 Series

High Performance Heat Shield with Superior Thermal Insulation

With minimum installation space, our product enables the fulfillment of legal safety demands, e.g. GB 38031-2020. We offer fully engineered, standard or tailormade solutions to meet customer requirements, which are validated in our state-of-the-art laboratory.
Our HS900 series is the leading heat shield technology for lithium-ion battery systems. It is a heat shield made out of ultra-thin and lightweight material, which provides continuous high-temperature resistance of up to 1400°C even with a hot gas particle impact.

Additionally, the excellent thermal and electrical insulation permits the use of a lightweight cover with low-temperature limits, for example, SMC or aluminum. HS900 has also 3D-formability, which enables a customized and compatible integration into the battery system environment.

  • Protecting passengers from fire, heat and gases
  • Enabling occupants more time to exit
  • Light-weight solutions compared to alternative products
  • 3D-Formable and machinable to suit individual packaging requirements
  • Suitable as well for drop in upgrades due to 0.8. to 2.5 mm thickness

Protects Occupants in Case of Thermal Runaway Events from Lithium-Ion Batteries

Oerlikon Friction System's advanced Research and Development center has developed a thermal performance test, simulating a thermal runaway event quickly and efficiently without having to use a complete battery system. With such a test, we are able to provide proven unique solutions to our customers as well as allowing pre-validation of the heat shields performance, therefore minimizing the requirement for full battery tests. By doing this, Oerlikon Friction Systems is pioneering the industry test standards for:

  • Temperature resistance
  • Thermal insulation performance
  • Resistance to hot gas particle impact

In this video you will see that a heat shield with the HS900 series materials can withstand a flame with thousands of Celsius degrees for as long as 10 minutes without having an impact on the heat shield.

HS900 Series Specification

Thermal Properities

HS912 HS915 HS918 Test Method
Thermal Performance @ >30 min [°C] 1400 1400 1400 ST-I-DE-014 (4.2.1)
Thermal Insulation Performance Reverse Side Temperature @ 1200 °C [°C] 390 370 355 ST-I-DE-014 (4.2.2)
Hot Gas Particle Impact Resistance [sec] 35 55 80 ST-I-DE-014 (4.2.2)
Thermal Conductivity [W/(m.k)] 25°C 0.23 0.27 0.33 LFA
300°C 0.17 0.21 0.24

Physical Properties

Density [g/cm³] 1.33 1.37 1.39 DIN EN ISO 1183
Thickness [mm] 1.2 1.5 1.8 DIN ISO 9073-2

Electrical Properties

Dielectric Strength [kV]   >12 >15 >18 ST-I-DE-015

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength [MPa] 30 35 40 DIN EN ISO 527-4
Young’s Modulus @ Compressive Load [N/mm2 ] <5 MPa 260 320 380 DIN ISO 10743
5 to 20 MPa 850 960 1070


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