Top issue (08/28/06) One Name, One Brand – One Company

One Name, One Brand – One Company The rebranding clearly signals a new chapter in Oerlikon’s history.

It all started on February 7, 2006, the day the new management of Unaxis decided to rebrand the company. But that was not all. It also decreed that all the business units would henceforth b e placed under the new umbrella brand. On May 23, 2006, Unaxis shareholders formally approved the new name by a vote of 99.83 percent at their 33rd General Meeting in a virtual unanimous show of support. “This rebranding clearly signals a new chapter in our company’s history,” CEO Thomas P. Limberger explains.

The name change is more than cosmetic. It marks a new beginning, one century after the company was first founded. “The new brand name plays a pivotal role in our new strategic realignment and in the growth and profit goals of our group,” Limberger says. The new name stands for a fresh start and growth, while also symbolizing loyalty to the company’s industrial traditions. “Clear-cut values like Swiss quality, reliability and innovation are also associated with this move. The name change is an important symbol for employees and customers, investors and partners,” explains Andreas Harting, Global Head of Sales and Marketing. “One Company” is an approach that opens up a bright future to us for a variety of reasons:

  • Greater visibility and effect: If all business units enter the race with one and the same brand name, the company as a whole will become more visible and its marketing will become more effective.
  • More efficient organization: A unified company can be organized more efficiently in all areas, from services, human resources and IT to asset management and research and development. The same holds true for the operation of international branches and for communications.
  • More synergies: We are a high-tech group of companies with more than 800 researchers and developers on our payroll. We benefit in product development and in manufacturing and sales from this stronger networking of our resources.
  • Greater appeal: The unified image of the company is more appealing. By uniting behind a single brand, we clearly express our capabilities and our strengths.
  • Better transparency: The new structure improves the transparency of our business operations. This trait will be appreciated especially by analysts and investors in the future.

Money naturally also plays a part. Until now we were busy managing and cultivating eight different brands. That involved five web servers for the business units. “The unification under a single umbrella brand will generate synergies and cut costs,” says Andreas Harting, Global Head of Sales and Marketing.

Most importantly, the new brand lays the groundwork for forging a common identity and corporate culture. Up to this point, the business units have existed completely separate from one another. Employees were not even familiar with the products and activities of their fellow group companies and the various entities had little to do with each other in other respects as well. “That is exactly what we want to change with our ‘One Company’ philosophy,” Andreas Harting says. “The task now will be to fill the Oerlikon brand with life. Now is the time for all of us to join forces.” The changeover is moving full steam ahead. The major elements of the new brand are already in place. Further ones are being planned. “We are taking a pragmatic approach to implementation,” Andreas Harting explains. Materials on hand will be used up as much as possible. Interim solutions will be employed for other marketing instruments such as trade shows. It will probably be mid-2007 before all elements of the new Corporate Design

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