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  • How is it possible for substances to repair themselves after cuts or impact? Materials science finds answers.… https://t.co/20XpByIu7m

  • From medical devices to semiconductors, materials science makes breakthrough technologies possible.… https://t.co/lGd9hpwbBU

  • Smart materials: how they will redefine technology. Click here: https://t.co/jEhGo4JKIs https://t.co/YgCVowrvNP

  • By understanding the properties of a substance, materials scientists can engineer better performance. https://t.co/5lgF4IwAJx

  • Interested in #STEM, but can't decide on a discipline? Materials science combines physics, chemistry and more.… https://t.co/cuitShf05j

  • Materials science works to improve the performance of all types of goods and systems across #STEM fields. https://t.co/5lgF4IeZkX

  • Materials science works on an atomic level to create basic substances that make up everyday products.… https://t.co/nXFt9NoW5b

  • Materials that communicate and heal themselves? Learn more: https://t.co/jEhGo4JKIs

  • Materials science creates environmentally-friendly solutions, like biodegradable & self-repairing materials. https://t.co/F8l4gn1W05

  • Is it magic or materials science? Materials scientists create substances that heal themselves.… https://t.co/Bv51Krbb7c

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