Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure On the following page, you will find our shareholder structure according to the information we have received from our investors. A complete list of disclosure notifications can be obtained at
SIX Swiss Exchange.

Oerlikon regularly commissions an analysis of its sharehold­er base in order to track the composition of registered shareholders as well as that of nonregistered investors. The latest study of January 2016 shows that 9% (Jan. 2015: 9%) of the share capital is held by private investors, the vast majority of whom are based in Switzerland. The other 91% is owned by professional investors, which include financial investors such as the Renova Group and institutional inves­tors (investment funds), insurance companies and pension funds.


    Shareholder structure as of December 31, 2015

    •   OC Oerlikon
    •   Renova Group
    •   Others

    Regional distribution of institutional investors as of December 31, 2015

    •   Switzerland
    •   North America
    •   United Kingdom and Ireland
    •   Others