Press releases (06/19/12) Oerlikon repeats #1 in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Oerlikon repeats #1 in Customer Satisfaction Survey Once again, the results of the annual customer satisfaction survey from VLSIresearch confirm Oerlikon Systems’ position as the #1 winner of the “THE BEST Small Suppliers of Wafer Processing Equipment” category and as the #2 supplier in the “Focused Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment” sector. The company’s record-setting results raise the bar with an increased score.

 “Congratulations to Oerlikon Systems for a well-deserved award,” lauds G. Dan Hutcheson, CEO of VLSIresearch. “Your customers voted and kept Oerlikon at the top of our survey by repeating your impressive 2011 results with “THE RANKED 1st” award in “THE BEST Small Suppliers of Wafer Processing Equipment” category and a 2nd place “10 BEST” award among “Focused Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment” – a remarkable result!”

The annual survey of the “10 BEST” Customer Satisfaction awards is carried out by VLSIresearch. This year’s survey covered more than 99% of the chip market. Widely recognized by the semiconductor industry as a valid measure of product quality and company performance, the “10 BEST” survey is based on customer satisfaction ratings among fifteen categories based on three key factors: supplier performance, customer service, and product performance.

Confirming a record-setting ranking

“To stay on top year after year is a result of listening to our customers’ feedback and executing against a plan. That we exceeded the record-breaking 2011 VLSIresearch survey results again this year is simply fantastic news for all our people that worked hard to meet our customers’ expectations,” says Albert Koller, Head of the semiconductor business at Oerlikon Systems. “It’s a welcome vote of confidence that underlines how we remained focused on what’s important.”

The VLSIresearch survey results add brighter shine to a year of continued growth at Oerlikon, which was based on a strong market response to innovative new solutions launched during the previous year.

Consistency and excellence

Oerlikon, is a consecutive winner in the annual VLSIresearch surveys, rated as “THE BEST” Small Supplier of Wafer Processing Equipment for the 12th year in a row. After many years of continually better rankings (and winning previously in 2010 and 2011), the company has now repeated as #1 in THE BEST Small Suppliers of Wafer Processing Equipment for the last three years. Oerlikon also repeated its category-winning results with the #2 overall spot in the highly competitive “Focused Supplier of Chip Making Equipment” category; which covers all sectors of the semiconductor industry: wafer processing, assembly, packaging, testing, etc.

“Our core values of ‘excellence’ and ‘integrity’ lie at the heart of these amazing results. We continue to strive to be the best at what we do and build on trust as a reliable business partner to all of our stakeholders,” adds Andreas R. Dill CEO of the Segment Advanced Technologies. “We’re thrilled with the VLSIresearch survey rankings that echo our customers’ respect and appreciation for the diligence of our entire team. This one belongs to all of us.”

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