Press releases (05/18/11) Oerlikon Repeats “10 BEST” Survey Win

Oerlikon Repeats “10 BEST” Survey Win Company caps stellar comeback year with top customer rankings

May 17, 2011The results of the annual “10 BEST” customer survey from VLSI Research are in – and Oerlikon Systems has won the “Best Small Supplier of Wafer Processing Equipment” category as the #1 supplier, and placed 2nd in the “Focused Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment” sector.  These results are a spectacular improvement on the Swiss supplier’s previous rankings last year – also a record!

“Congratulations to Oerlikon Systems for a well-deserved award,” lauds Risto Puhakka, President of VLSI Research.  “Your company’s customers have voted and recognized Oerlikon as one of our 10 BEST by winning the category outright for “Best Small Supplier of Wafer Processing Equipment” and climbing to 2nd place overall among the  “Focused Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment” – your best-ever result.”

The annual survey of the “10 BEST” Customer Satisfaction awards for Wafer Processing Equipment is carried out by VLSI Research, Inc.  This year’s survey ranked over 165 equipment suppliers.  Widely recognized by the semiconductor industry as a valid measure of product quality and company performance, the “10 BEST” survey is based on customer satisfaction ratings in 13 rating categories covering equipment performance and customer service. 

Confirming a fantastic year

“It’s incredible, but the 2011 VLSI survey results for Oerlikon managed to beat our record-setting rankings of last year.  That’s an amazing vote of confidence from our customers,” states Alber Koller, Head of  Semiconductors at the Business Unit Oerlikon Systems. “The results from the survey clearly confirm and mirror the success of Oerlikon products and services; we’re in the midst of a fantastic year.  All thanks to the trust shown by our customers. Thank you!”

The VLSI survey results caps a year of substantial change for Oerlikon that included a search for new investors and reorganizing the executive management team.  With a solid financial base now secure, the market recovery has roared back to profitable and steady growth.

Consistently top performer

Oerlikon, a perennial stand-out in the annual VLSI survey, rated in the “BEST 10” of the “Best Small Supplier of Wafer Processing Equipment” for the 4th year in a row.  After many years of continually better rankings (and winning the category already in 2010), the company repeated as #1 again in 2011. Oerlikon, added to the category-winning results with a #2 overall spot in the highly competitive “Focused Supplier of Chip Making Equipment” category; which covers all sectors of the semiconductor industry: wafer processing, assembly, packaging, testing, etc.

“Our new mission statement underlines the importance being a reliable business partner world wide and of increasing value with innovative industrial solutions,” adds Andreas R. Dill CEO of the Segment Advanced Technologies. “And the latest VLSI survey rankings – and echo from our customers – reflect the accuracy of our focus.”

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