Drive Systems Segment

Electromobility – also known as e-mobility – is one of the trends of the future in the automotive industry. Building on more than 20 years of experience in the development of electric transmissions, Oerlikon Graziano presented two groundbreaking innovations in this field in 2013.

At a roadshow, it presented the 4SED (four-speed electric drive) to various manufacturers in Europe. This drive system is extremely compact and lightweight and allows for continuously variable and smooth gear shifting. It can be used in a number of different kinds of vehicles thanks to its scalable design. 4SED has two driveshafts, each of which is powered by its own electric motor. The motors operate at 90 %, a much higher efficiency level. This 15 % increase in overall efficiency makes it possible for vehicles with this transmission to also travel longer distances.

Drive Systems Segment also broke new ground with OG-ECO: this is the first transmission specifically optimized for hybrid vehicles in this Segment. OG-ECO integrates the electric motor drive with the main drive much more closely than before, thereby significantly reducing the number of necessary transmission components. The components, including the electric motor, are around 20 % or 35 kg lighter than a hybrid dual-clutch transmission with comparable performance values. Fuel consumption is also around 4 % lower in comparison. OG-ECO is currently in the demonstration phase. Leading manufacturers of high-performance cars have already indicated their interest.

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