Research and development R&D ensures growth in core markets

Oerlikon’s business success builds on a solid foundation: with extensive and coordinated efforts in research and development (R&D), the Segments ensure that they can also meet the changing challenges of the markets and the extremely high demands of customers both today and in the future.

Measurable added value for customers

Oerlikon products and solutions make it possible for customers to generate real added value that enables them to achieve success in their markets and effectively set themselves apart from their competitors: As the following examples of innovation in the Segments over the last few years show, customers can

  • be even more competitive thanks to a 20 % boost in productivity in manmade fiber production
  • offer electric vehicles that travel longer distances thanks to significantly optimized drive systems
  • create the ideal process conditions for highly complex analytics, such as mass spectrometry, more quickly and more efficiently than ever before
  • extend the service life of expensive microtools by a factor of 30

R&D expenditures remain at a constantly high level

The R&D expenditures of the Oerlikon Group have been at a constantly high level for many years. In 2013 they amounted to CHF 122 million and thereby accounted for 4 % of total sales. The Group currently employs more than 1000 highly qualified engineers and scientists around the world. Innovation is consistently geared toward customer needs, such as lower operating costs, maximum quality and more environmentally friendly technologies and processes.

Tapping into new markets and applications

Just as important is the adaptation of products and solutions to new target markets and applications, such as

  • the development of production solutions for technical textiles for the construction industry
  • the design of a power train specifically optimized for hybrid vehicles
  • the use of vacuum solutions for the manufacture of AMOLED displays or in steel degassing
  • the coating of airplane engine and landing gear components