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Hand in hand with the development of increasingly energy-efficient industrial gas turbines, the design and production of components such as baffles, honeycombs and seals, including the use of high temperature resistant superalloys, has become ever more complex. Oerlikon’s Eldim turbine component business line provides the IGT industry with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for components.

Components for Industrial Gas Turbines

Leading Seal Technologies

Since 1970, Eldim designs, develops and manufactures components for the IGT engine’s turbine hot section (HPT, LPT) and High-Pressure Compressors (HPC).

Our knowledge and experience in 5-axis CNC grinding, our innovative machining methods developed by our team and our engineers’ decades long experience in the industry make us your partner of choice when it comes to manufacturing complex components for industrial gas turbines. Thus, our build-to-print outer air seals, interstage seals and baffles allow you to significantly improve the operational efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the turbine.

With our own production facilities in the Netherlands and in Hungary we are able to meet all customer requirements — whether you are looking for a partner to jointly develop customer-specific solutions and subsequent highly specialized production, or you are looking for a cost-efficient fabricator for the broader market.

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