eSOURCING Logistics

Logistics companies who are interested in becoming a potential business partner of Oerlikon are required to first register on the TiContract Platform. After registration, the Oerlikon buyer may select the vendor company to participate in the eSourcing event.

As soon as you are invited to take part in an actual eSourcing event, you will automatically receive an email from the eSourcing system notifying you when the RFx is launched.

Accessing Logistics eSourcing Portal

Suppliers should use this link to register on TiContract Platform:

Our partner (TiContract)

The TRANSPOREON Group links manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers with logistics service providers. TRANSPOREON Group offers TICONTRACT for e-sourcing tendering. For more information about TiContract, please visit: http://www.ticontract.com/en/

Supplier Training Guide for Logistics eSourcing

Guidelines and training materials can be accessed via TICONTRACT after registration.

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