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Swiss Ski

Oerlikon supports young talents and the national excellence centers of the Swiss Ski Association.

Ski sponsoring – the Oerlikon Swiss Cup

Scouting and developing young talents early is crucial. The Oerlikon Swiss Cup was founded on this philosophy, together with the Swiss ski legend Pirmin Zurbriggen. The Cup makes a valuable contribution to help Swiss skiers reach the top at alpine skiing and become tomorrow’s World Cup winners.

The Oerlikon Swiss Cup is a special competition for junior ski athletes, consisting of 15 races across Switzerland. The three best-ranked paid a premium. The overall rating in spring is the basis for selections into the various youth program teams or for one of the three national excellence centers, which are also financially supported by Oerlikon. The goal is to create training centers that integrate sports training with academic and vocational training. At the same time, young ski talents should get together in a competitive environment that will enable higher performance levels. In sponsoring the young Swiss ski talents, Oerlikon as a leading Swiss high-tech company is taking on a local and social responsibility.

Since six years, Oerlikon is the title sponsor for the Swiss Cup. Although the Oerlikon Group is represented in a number of countries, the management never forgets where the roots of Oerlikon originate. For a Swiss company, it is close to advocate for snow sports - as close is the belief of our youth. Here we are investing in the future.

The successful cooperation of Swiss Ski and Oerlikon over the last couple of years will continue in the future.

Strong performance at the Oerlikon Swiss Cup 2016

The Oerlikon Swiss Cup 2016 is now history and a new Season has started. Thanks to the generous support of the organization of Oerlikon, the FIS race took place on a high, sometimes even very high level, which was not a foregone due to the weather and snow conditions this season.

And here are the proud winners of the 2016 season

U18 Women:

1. Camille Rast
2. Stephanie Jenal
3. Charlotte Lingg

U21 Women:

1. Camille Rast
2. Carole Bissig
3. Lara Zürcher

U18 Men:

1. Semyel Bissig
2 Arnaud Boisset
3. Dionys Kippel

U21 Men:

1. Loïc Meillard
2. Lars Kuonen
3. Marco Odermatt

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