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Here you can find all relevant information on electronic tools and systems used in Oerlikon’s procurement process.

Oerlikon uses eTools for calls for tenders, negotiations and order management.

We allow purchasing to be completed electronically on our eSourcing, eCatalog and Procure-to-Pay platforms. With eSourcing, suppliers can quickly and efficiently submit quotations. The eCatalog allows you to automatically determine which goods and services are required in accordance with set rules. The Procure-to-Pay platform optimizes the ordering and payment processes.

Types of Offers in eSourcing

Request for Information (RFI)

A Request for Information (RFI) is generally a questionnaire that suppliers fill out to provide us with certain information before they offer us a quoted price. The suppliers’ competencies will be assessed based on their responses.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

With a Request for Proposal (RFP), suppliers make offers that include the price and other information specified by the buyer.

Online Negotiation

Reverse Auction is the online negotiation platform where numerous suppliers can submit an offer for the buyer’s transaction. The bidders can see their position in the auction and adjust their offers accordingly.

We are looking for partners for selected products and services, and offering them the option of using electronic catalogs. Or exchanging Purchase Orders and Purchase Oder Confirmation in electronic form.


An electronic catalog offers added benefits by providing options for enhanced products, content and comparison functions. That improves visibility for the end customer.

It also improves compliance and guides those making inquiries to the preferred suppliers’ products and prices.

The suppliers can provide their catalog content with the Ariba CIF standard and/or use Ariba PunchOut (cXML) to link to their e-business websites.

Guidelines and templates are available on the Ariba Supplier Network portal:


To optimize order processing, the relevant buyer at Oerlikon will ask the suppliers to process the transactions using the Procure-to-pay platform.

Accessing the SupplyON Portal

Oerlikon initiates registration on the SupplyON Portal. The supplier is then asked to sign in using the following link: Log in with your username and the password you received during the registration process. Please change this initial password the first time you log in.

Our partner (SupplyON)

SupplyON is a platform global companies use for collaboration within the supply chain. SupplyON provides a central online platform for structured, transparent and secure management of business processes with suppliers and service providers across different continents. Please visit SupplyON’s website for more information:


  • pdf (543.73 KB)

    Supplier Quick Guide – User Administration

  • pdf (1.11 MB)

    Supplier Training Guide for SupplyOn


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