Market Segments

With our innovative products and applications we are represented in a broad range of industries and in all regions around the world:


Oerlikon’s innovative solutions support automotive technologies, standing at the intersection of rising demand for increased fuel efficiency, smaller engines, and reduced emissions. Our Surface Solutions, Drive Systems and Manmade Fiber Segments are all geared up for providing innovative solutions to customers and partners.


The jets of the future are being designed to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile world responsibly, environmentally, and profitably. The Surface Solutions and Manmade Fibers Segments are engaged in research, development, and commercialization of advances that help optimize these aircrafts’ durability, engine and energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprints, and ROI. 


The growing population and increasing urbanization demands energy. Energy from fossils fuel and increasingly from alternative and renewable sources such as wind and water. Oerlikon innovations are strengthening the performance of turbines and hydroelectric dams to withstand stress, and the company continues to deliver leading gear solutions for oil & gas and mining equipment.


In manufacturing, surface coatings play a key role in ensuring that tools enhance production processes, flexibility, efficiency, and quality—all of which add up to superior performance and a longer life, even in harsh environments.

Apparels & industrial textiles equipment: 

Clothes, carpets, curtains and other home textiles are common necessities in our modern day lives. What is less known, is the increasing usage of manmade fibers in technical and geotextiles for construction and industrial applications such as water and air filtration or in recycling systems. Oerlikon’s Manmade Fibers Segment meets not only today’s challenges but also delivers tomorrow’s solutions.


It is getting more critical to achieve new levels of productivity, energy efficiency, and sustainability in food production – and meet all those performance metrics simultaneously. With innovations that support machinery efficiency, durability and high yields, Oerlikon’s Drive Systems and Surface Solutions Segments are contributing to advance the development of a stable, sustainable food supply for a growing global population.