Market Segments

With our innovative products and applications we are represented in a broad range of industries and in all regions around the world:

  • Machinery and Tool Manufacturing: Our coating solutions increase the productivity of cutting, forming and molding tools, and the performance of mechanical components. Oerlikon Balzers sets new industrial standards with PPDTM and P3eTM. Pulsed Plasma Diffusion (PPDTM) will replace the traditional hard chrome plating for medium and large punching and forming tools. With this new solution by-products such as hexavalent chromium, which is harmful to health and the environment, will be eliminated. The Pulse Enhanced Electron Emission (P3eTM) technology is a breakthrough within the thin film processes. Installed on the latest coating equipment INNOVA, P3eTM enables the deposition of advanced oxide-based coatings and therefore offers a completely new range of possibilities in the design and performance of cutting tools. All global leaders in tool manufacturing have opted for this innovative coating system.
  • Textile Industry: The business units of Manmade Fibers Segment are the market leaders in virtually every technology area. With their innovations, they are continuously setting new standards for the global textile production. They provide comprehensive overall solutions in the sector of textile machinery and plant manufacture: From Melt to Yarn.
  • Automotive: Oerlikon Balzers is a premium partner for car manufactures and suppliers. Our objective is to improve the performance of engines and at the same reduce gas consumption. The latest diesel technology also wouldn’t work without our coating technology. Oerlikon Graziano is a worldwide leading supplier of complete drive systems as well as gear systems and single components for transmissions. The product portfolio includes drive systems for high-performance cars, PTU (power transfer units), RDA (rear drive axles) and RDM (rear drive module) for AWD (all wheel drive); components, axles, transmissions for agricultural vehicles and construction machines; planetary drives (torque hub®), gear components, and other special applications. The customers in this sector demand high product reliability and flexibility.
  • Process Industry: Coating, packaging, operating: vacuum technology plays a prominent role in the process industry. The more critical and technical the processes, the higher the requirements to the vacuum systems. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is a popular partner, where engineering know-how for individual solutions is challenged and not just solutions off the shelf.
  • Research: Famous research centers around the globe, such as the CERN in Geneva or the Laboratory for Laser Energetic in the US, rely on vacuum solutions from Oerlikon. Our applications are key components in their experiments.