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Oerlikon Vacuum (Segment)

Under the Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum brand, the Vacuum Segment offers a broad range of fore-and high-vacuum pumps and relat¬ed accessories. In addition to single vacuum pumps, the core competencies of the Segment range from delivering standard¬ized vacuum systems through to the engineering of tailor-made vacuum solutions for industrial applications with complex per¬formance parameters. The product portfolio is rounded off by vacuum technology accessories and measuring instruments, as well as the vacuum technology expertise, which is also passed on at the Leybold Academy. With three production locations of its own, over 30 branches, an international after-sales manage¬ment team and more than 80 dealers and representatives spread globally, the Segment offers its customers one of the densest distribution and service networks in the industry.

BUs of the segment:

Clients & Collaborations

Major customers in Process Industry
Global players in Coating Application Industries
Technology drivers in Analytical and Instrumentation
Innovative customers in R&D, such as CERN Genf, KIT Karlsruhe, DESY Hamburg, ETH Zürich, or JAERI Japan.

Segment CEO Vacuum

Dr. Martin Füllenbach, Head of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum

Core competencies

Vacuum Technologies  

Application Highlights
  • supplying the vacuum technology for the world's largest vacuum chamber at the research center in Karlsruhe
  • the world's largest particle accelerator, CERN in Geneva, is equipped with Oerlikon's vacuum pumps
Business Units/Market areas/Applications

Fore Vacuum Pumps
High Vacuum Pumps
Consulting and Engineering of Vacuum Solutions
Vacuum Gauges
Leak Detecting Instruments
Fittings and Valves
After Sales Services and Trainings


Christina Steigler
Marketing & Communications
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