Your Career with us

Staying ahead of the curve

Oerlikon encourages every employee to grow and expand personal capabilities and know-how by learning on the job and through dedicated training courses. We strive to enhance technical knowledge and managerial capabilities with developmental actions defined to ensure uniform guidelines and standards. Oerlikon applies professional human resources development methods and we continually review and improve our efforts to meet individual needs and the demands of our various market segments.

Getting to "best management"

Based on our company values, a competency model that is in place defines the required professional and personal skills for our staff and managers: the Oerlikon Core Competency Framework. This model represents the Oerlikon standard for management development and assessment.

Today, Oerlikon can identify - both internally and externally - the most talented people to promote their professional and personal development and deploy them in the right place according to their skills - anywhere in the world. This company-wide approach gives talented people the opportunity to grow into specialists and leadership positions in our company.

Sharing knowledge across borders and segments

The sharing of know-how among our employees - around the globe - is an important characteristic of the Oerlikon corporate culture. This technology exchange is key in training local specialists.
Enabling our employees to take on new and greater challenges brings out the best - in our people and our performance. Because we know that finding and keeping the best talents takes more than a positive work environment. For example, if you want to take advantage of your particular technical or language skills, or prefer to work in a culturally diverse environment - then it's time to join our team.

Our worldwide network offers you an impressive choice of possibilities to work in different functions and locations. By tapping into a wide range of technology and product teams, using best business practices from around the world, the opportunities for career advancement - and enrichment - are indeed global.

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