Why join us Become a driver of innovation

Why join us More efficient automobiles? Better mobile phones? High capacity video discs? Getting satellites into space? Breathtaking home entertainment centers? "Smart" windows that save energy? The people at Oerlikon make these innovations possible – and a lot more.

Our company pursues a single mission: to be a leading force in the innovation of products, technologies and services. With more than 13 700 people working at technology centers around the world, Oerlikon is a leading provider of production systems, components and services for a broad range of high-tech applications – including surface solutions, vacuum generation, manmade fibers and drive systems.

Oerlikon is made up of many illustrious names that are all market leaders in their high-tech segments, with cutting-edge technology and indisputable quality. While it is a proud heritage, the company is characterized by an intense focus on the present – and the future.

At Oerlikon, you can become a driver of innovation – and your career!

We are proud to announce that the latest results of Universum’s research on Swiss students show that Oerlikon is in the Top 50 of the most attractive employers for engineering students.