New employee integration is a key part of our recruitment and selection process and typically last for a minimum period of 3 months.

The first day is a very important time as this is the time when you as a newcomer typically form a strong impression of the company's values. Therefore, we shall ensure that special attention and careful planning is given to the first day and beyond.

The induction process is a shared responsibility between your manager and HR; however your manager is the key person in this process.

Depending on Segment and location a "buddy" system will be utilized as a mentoring tool. The "buddy" is a person who will accompany you during the first steps of your integration. The "buddy" can be a colleague or an employee from the department. This "buddy" should be well-versed in the company / site and environment, internal practices and written as well as unwritten rules and regulations.

We believe that new employees can provide valuable feedback and / or observations during the introductory period, that can help us improve the way we manage our business. We therefore, have a process to formally collect this feedback and use it to improve our management system.

Performance management is an important process that helps translate company strategy and objectives into individual objectives. Therefore, you shall have an Objectives Setting discussion within 4-12 weeks of initial employment, with process reviews and feedback on your performance.

This process also includes transferees and newly promoted employees wherever practicable.

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