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Pfäffikon SZ, April 4, 2006 – The strong demand for Unaxis’ pathbreaking production technology for thin film solar modules continues. After having signed a CHF 33.6 million supply agreement with the ErSol Group just several days ago, Unaxis announced today an even larger contract.

Under the agreement, Germany’s SCHOTT Solar GmbH has ordered two integrated production lines (KAI 1200 PECVD) and the related laser scribing systems for a total value of more than CHF 50 million. The equipment is required to further process the coated glass discs and produce solar modules. Unaxis Solar will not only supply the complete production systems, but also the complex know-how that is at least as important as the machinery itself when it comes to producing solar modules. “Two major contracts within the space of one week – that testifies to the tremendous potential of this technology as well as our unique position in the market“, noted Georg Stumpf, Chairman of the Board of Unaxis. Thomas Limberger, CEO of Unaxis added, “Our Pfäffikon-based technology company is currently the world’s sole supplier of this type of production system and has a innovation lead of roughly two years.”

The equipment lines will be delivered to SCHOTT Solar starting in February 2007 and installed at a new production plant it plans to construct in Jena. According to current estimates, that will generate approximately 160 new jobs. “The way we see it, Unaxis is clearly the industry’s benchmark at present“, stated Alexander Berg, General Manager of SCHOTT Solar GmbH. “Our philosophy on quality requires that we demand only the best. We sense that Unaxis desires to remain one step ahead of the competition also going forward, and we especially look forward to our future collaboration with Unaxis as a supplier to SCHOTT Solar.“

With this order from SCHOTT Solar, Unaxis’ “Solar” business unit has almost met already in the first quarter its annual sales target for all of 2006, which has been set within a corridor of CHF 110 – 150 million as revealed at the media and analysts’ conference held in late March. “Our order books are well filled,” stated Limberger. Unaxis will now invest huge sums in the expansion of its own production capacity in order to widen its lead even further in the market for thin film solar module production systems. “A new global billion-dollar market is developing here,” Stumpf confidently observed, “and we are in the pole position“.

This media release is based on information currently available to management. The forward-looking statements contained herein could be substantially impacted by risks and influences that are not foreseeable at present, so that actual results may vary materially from those anticipated, expected, or projected.

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