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Oerlikon and Sony DADC cooperate on 50GB Blu-ray disc production technology

Pfäffikon SZ, March 7, 2007 - Oerlikon and Sony have agreed to cooperate in development of production technology to manufacture 50 GB Blu-ray disc starting March 2007. Sony is contributing its cost efficient and production proven wet embossing technique, running in Europe, United States and Japan Sony factories. Oerlikon will implement this process in their proven INDIGO line and deliver it to Blu-ray manufacturers later this year. As the industry has now decided for Blu-ray as the 3rd generation optical disc format, the cooperation between the two leading companies is of significant importance for securing the required production capability.

Dieter Daum, CEO at Sony DADC explains: "Sony has developed the most cost efficient wet embossing process for production of 50 GB Blu-ray discs. We want the industry to quickly implement this efficiency level and establish one production standard. We cooperate with Oerlikon in this important project, as we recognize the significance of Oerlikon's sputtering and replication products for the Blu-ray disc generation". Thomas Limberger, CEO at Oerlikon adds: "With this cooperation we combine the two leading know-hows to develop the best in class production solution for Blu-ray mass production".

Oerlikon's INDIGO replication line was launched at last years MediaTech in May 2006 and quickly became the Blu-ray production solution with the widest installed base. Today INDIGO lines are employed for the production of 25GB single layer BD ROM, R and RE discs in the United States, Europe and Asia. In 2007 now Oerlikon is launching a dedicated 50GB production module, with which new or already installed INDIGO lines can be upgraded to manufacture 50GB Blu-ray discs using Sony's unique wet embossing technology.

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Sara Vermeulen-Anastasi

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