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Kenneth T. Barry to head Unaxis’ Semiconductor Equipment segment as of September 1, 2004.

Pfäffikon SZ, August 17, 2004 – For effect September 1, 2004, Unaxis has appointed Kenneth T. Barry as new head of the company’s Semiconductor Equipment segment. To date, Barry has headed Unaxis’ Wafer Processing division headquartered in St. Petersburg, USA.

As new head of Unaxis’ Semiconductor Equipment segment, which encompasses the Wafer Processing, Assembly & Packaging (ESEC) and Display Technology divisions, Kenneth T. Barry will take over the position previously held on an interim basis by Unaxis CEO Heinz Kundert. The necessary management team is currently being brought together at the company’s headquarters in Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland. Mr. Barry’s main tasks will be to continue the integration of the three divisions’ business activities to form a strong segment to improve the market position, and to create a conditions for a sustainable profitability. Since March 2003, Kenneth T. Barry has been in charge of the activities of Wafer Processing, and under his leadership, the division achieved significant improvements in its market position and profits.

Kenneth T. Barry is a proven expert in the semiconductor equipment industry and has years of experience in establishing and developing business activities in that field. Prior to joining Unaxis, he was president of the “Process Equipment Group“ at Veeco Instruments Inc., New York, and CEO of Material Research Corporation, a division of Sony Electronics Inc. Ken Barry (52) is an American citizen and has degrees in chemistry and political science from the University of Massachusetts, USA.

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