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Oerlikon – a resonant new name for Unaxis

Pfäffikon SZ, May 23, 2006 - All proposals put forward by the Board of Directors were approved by an overwhelming majority at the 33rd Ordinary General Meeting of Unaxis Holding AG. The Meeting was attended by 301 shareholders, representing 51.8 percent of the shareholders’ equity. The proposed change of name from Unaxis to OC Oerlikon Corporation AG, Pfäffikon, met with universal acclaim. The General Meeting thus laid the foundations for a new beginning with a name that is resonant of the company’s traditional values and strengths.

The following items were on the agenda of the General Meeting:

1. 2005 Annual Report and Annual Financial Statements of Unaxis Holding AG and Consolidated Financial Statements
All related items were approved by the General Meeting with a 99.92 percent majority.

2. Appropriation of retained earnings 2005
The General Meeting decided, with a 99.79 percent majority, not to distribute the available net earnings of CHF 11 303 740, but to reinvest them in the further development of the company.

3. Discharge of Board of Directors
In the course of fiscal 2005, almost the entire Board of Directors was renewed. This was seen as a precondition for initiating and implementing thoroughgoing changes in order to achieve the desired turnaround. The General Meeting granted discharge, with 99.86 percent of the votes, to the following Board members: Georg Stumpf, Thomas P. Limberger, Günther Robol, Christian Schmidt and Mirko Kovats.

4. Change of name to OC Oerlikon Corporation AG, Pfäffikon
The General Meeting approved the proposed name change with a wide majority of 99.83 percent. The integration of the various corporate units and the internal and external use of a single brand are of paramount importance for the future success of the enterprise (“one company”). The name “OC Oerlikon Corporation” is to give rise to a more close-knit corporate culture and a uniform market image and presence. It is an indication of a new start and new growth and at the same time evocative of the company’s rich industrial tradition. Associated with this name are values such as quality, reliability and innovation made in Switzerland. The change of name is of great symbolic significance to employees, customers, investors and partners alike.

For journalists:
Extracts from the presentation of Board Chairman Georg Stumpf:
“Unaxis is a world leader in thin film coating“.
“All Formula One engines are coated by Unaxis thin film systems“.
“We remain committed to Switzerland as a production and research location. This is also reflected in the name Oerlikon “.
“We have decided to expand the trainee programme by over 20 percent“.

Extracts from the speech of CEO Thomas P. Limberger:
“A sales growth of 15 percent in fiscal 2006 is definitely on the cards.”
“The name Oerlikon Corporation is intended to create a feeling of unity and belonging. It also expresses values such as reliability, tradition, innovation and Swissness.”
“Unaxis is set to expand its range of services. Customer focus is essential for Unaxis.”
“Counting votes by electronic means enabled a swift and smooth handling of the decision taking procedure. All items were approved by majorities of over 99 percent “

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