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2nd generation ThinFabTM sets industry record: Capex reduced to $ 1/Wp with lowest Cost of Production at $ 0.5/Wp

Oerlikon Solar announces 2nd generation of ThinFabTM for the production of thin film silicon modules

Trübbach (Switzerland), 19 December 2011 - Oerlikon Solar's 2nd generation ThinFabTM resets the standard for low cost, high quality solar module manufacturing. The new design allows a capital expenditure (Capex) reduction of more than 20 %. The estimated price for the complete end-to-end production line is just $ 1/Wp including engineering support and performance guarantees. The production line enables customers to produce high quality thin film silicon modules for cost of around $ 0.5/Wp (€ 0.35/Wp), a new record-low in the solar industry.

Key improvements in the 2nd generation ThinFabTM include increased manufacturing line output, guaranteed higher module efficiency and new narrow-gap reactor design for silicon deposition.

The new generation of the ThinFabTM retains all the advantages of Oerlikon Solar's thin film technology which represents the best in the industry:

  •  Energy efficiency: Compared to other solar manufacturing processes, the production of Oerlikon thin film silicon modules requires the least amount of energy. The "energy payback time" with Oerlikon technology is less than one year. 
  • Practical benefits: Thin film silicon modules gain advantages under real operational conditions, e.g. high temperatures, where the efficiency of crystalline solar cells declines significantly.
  • Environmentally friendly: Thin film silicon modules do not contain toxic additives like Cadmium.
  • Sustainability: Oerlikon's solar technology has further potential to increase efficiency and productivity, demonstrated by Oerlikon's record cell.

The new ThinFabTM will be officially launched at the World Future Energy Summit 2012 (WFES) in Abu Dhabi at the Oerlikon Solar booth in the Swiss Pavilion/7200 from 16-19 January 2012. At the same time, Oerlikon Solar will also announce a new high efficiency record thin film silicon cell - a result of Oerlikon Solar's leading thin film silicon R&D capabilities and a clear indicator of the sustainable long-term competitiveness of Oerlikon Solar's Micromorph® thin film silicon technology.

Further details will be released at the official product launch in January.

For further information, please contact:

Sara Vermeulen-Anastasi

Sara Vermeulen-Anastasi

Head of Group Communications

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