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31st Ordinary annual general meeting of shareholders of Unaxis Holding Inc. held on June 1, 2004

Lucerne, June 1, 2004 – At today’s annual general meeting of Unaxis Holding Inc. the 612 shareholders in attendance approved of all motions proposed by the Board of Directors and granted the Board members discharge for the 2003 financial year. They also approved of the 2003 Company Report and a proposed dividend of CHF 2 per registered share with CHF 20 par value. Thomas P. Limberger was voted onto the Board of Directors. The former directors Jack Schmuckli and Bruno Widmer did not run for re-election to the Board. KPMG Fides Peat, Zurich, were elected as auditors and Group auditors.


From today’s vantage point, Unaxis is going on the assumption that 2004 will witness continuing improvement in the market situation, whereas the strongest growth dynamic is to be expected in Asia. Unaxis is well prepared for that development. Based on its leading position in the respective markets, as well as its global presence, Unaxis Corporation is in a position to exploit opportunities throughout the world. Unaxis therefore anticipates commensurate growth mainly in the Semiconductor Equipment segment. Given the possibility of further economic recovery, the Group’s other segments should continue to experience a stable or improved course of business. Also going forward, the markets in which Unaxis operates will remain cyclical and vulnerable to disturbances. Nonetheless, Unaxis will accommodate potential fluctuations in demand with its increased flexibility and the rapid adjustment of production capacity.

This media release is based on information currently available to management. The forward-looking statements contained herein could be substantially impacted by risks and influences that are not foreseeable at present, so that actual results may vary materially from those anticipated, expected or projected.

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Sara Vermeulen-Anastasi

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