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85435 Erding, Germany

Alois-Schießl-Platz 1 Stadthalle Erding

In the five years since the HVOF Colloquium 2018, the technology has developed considerably and new fields of application have been opened up. The Colloquia presents the current status of HVOF technology. The spectrum of topics covers everything from basics to component applications. Based on the latest findings by researchers and practitioners, new developments and processes are examined and the latest application possibilities are demonstrated.

October 26, 2023 -16:10
Alternative Hardphases for Thermal Spraying – a Review
Dr. Guido Reisel (Oerlikon Metco WOKA GmbH, Barchfeld, Germany)
Ville Eronen (Oerlikon Metco Europe GmbH, Raunheim, Germany)

October 27, 2023 - 10:40
Coating Optimization and Coating Quality Control using Data Models Generated by AI
Dr. Majid Nabavi (Oerlikon Metco AG, Wohlen, Switzerland)

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