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Welding Engineer



  • 接受焊接工程师的监督指导,参加焊接工艺评定工作,编制焊接工艺指导书和焊接工艺评定报告。
  • 编制焊接工艺卡、编制焊缝的返修工艺。
  • 负责焊接机器人程序的编制和修正。
  • 指导现场焊接,监督焊接工艺的贯彻执行,并解决施焊中遇到的焊接技术问题。
  • 负责向施焊人员进行技术交底,对焊工进行技术指导。
  • 负责产品焊接试板的制做加工和检验过程中的管理工作,督促检查并收集、整理产品焊接试板在制做和检验过程中的各项记录、报告,对试板的有效性和资料的完整性负责。

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  • 教育水平:本科及以上
  • 专业:焊接或金属材料相关专业
  • 英语水平:良好
  • 计算机能力:良好
  • 培训经历:有库卡机器人调试经验优先考虑
  • 所需工作经验、年限:2年以上相关工作经验
  • 专业知识与技能:对压力容器焊接相关方面,有一定的了解。
  • 团队合作要求:良好的团队合作能力
  • 其他要求:正直可靠,追求成效

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Oerlikon (SIX: OERL) develops modern materials, systems and surface technologies and provides specialized services aimed at securing high-performance products and systems with long lifespans for customers. Supported by its technological core competencies and its strong financial footing, the corporation continues its medium-term growth plan by implementing three strategic factors: focusing on attractive growth markets, ensuring structural growth and expanding through targeted M&A activities. A leading global technology and engineering Group, Oerlikon operates its business in two Segments – Surface Solutions and Manmade Fibers – and has a global footprint of more than 10 600 employees at 179 locations in 37 countries and generated sales of CHF 2.3 billion in 2020.

About Oerlikon Segment Manmade Fibers
With its Oerlikon Barmag, Oerlikon Neumag and Oerlikon Nonwoven brands, Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment is the world market leader for manmade fiber filament spinning systems, texturing machines, BCF systems, staple fiber systems, solutions for the production of nonwovens and – as a service provider – offers engineering solutions for the entire textile value added chain. As a future oriented company, the research and development at this division of the Oerlikon Group is driven by energy-efficiency and sustainable technologies (e-save). With the supply of continuous polycondensation and extrusion systems and their key components, the company caters to the entire process – from the monomer all the way through to the textured yarn. The product portfolio is rounded off by automation and industry 4.0 solutions. The primary markets for the products of Oerlikon Barmag are in Asia, especially in China, India and Turkey, and – for those of Oerlikon Neumag and Oerlikon Nonwoven – in the USA, Asia, Turkey and Europe. Worldwide, the segment – with just under 3,000 employees – has a presence in 120 countries of production, sales and distribution and service organizations. At the R&D centers in Remscheid, Neumünster (Germany) and Suzhou (China), highly-qualified engineers, technologists and technicians develop innovative and technologically-leading products for tomorrow’s world.