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Responsible for the performance of designated work tasks in production


Technical Secondary education

Previous experience with automotive production

Experience with machine service

Technical assumptions

Ultrasonic cleaning

• Import of parts from the warehouse using forklift

• Unloading parts from boxes and loading parts into baskets

• Electronic production order confirmation

• Entering production data

• Cleaning the ultrasonic bath

• Line maintenance

• Water treatment in the ultrasonic bath

• Conducting chemical analysis of water, pH and conductivity measurement, parameter adjustment by chemical specific working instruction

• Preparing the parts and loading the parts in the cleaning line


• Set up and operate the batching machine

• Loading parts into the machine

• Unloading laden skewers from the machine and loading them on trees and carousels

• Electronic production order confirmation

• Entering production data

• Responding to qualitative problems, evaluating OK / NOK parts, separating parts

• Maintenance of the line according to the maintenance schedule

Defixturing / Automation

• Setting and operating the automation control line

• Unloading components from brackets

• Visual inspection of coated parts

• Electronic production order confirmation

• Remove test pieces and submit them for quality control

• Cleaning of CO2 Holders

• Service, maintenance and monitoring of the status of automation technology

• Removing parts from the line and packaging the parts

• Demagnetization of parts

• Responding to qualitative problems, evaluating OK / NOK parts according the defect catalogue

• Performing control measurements of the output parts - roughness measurement Rz, Rh

• Maintenance of the line according to the maintenance schedule


• Loading components into the coating device

• Operation of the coating equipment - plasma coating furnace

Electronic input of production data, confirmation of production batches, check of the number of pieces

• Inserting the right process parameters, documenting the process

• Perform control output measurements

• Issuing parts for decommissioning

• Service and Maintenance of Coating Equipment (Batch to Batch Maintenance, 30 Batch Maintenance)

• Exchange of worn parts in the coating furnace

• Performing control output measurements - Hardness measurement in HRC

• Preparation of holders used in the coating process based on the production plan


Halterungs  maintenance


• Holder status documentation and maintenance of holders

• Packaging of preparations / holders according to the instructions and according to the technical documentation

• Preparing and sanding the specified parts of the brackets

• Carry out chemical repairs to the specified parts of the holders

• Monitor the status of spare parts on the maintenance department of the holders

• Maintain line maintenance and chemical solution exchange in wagons, chemical concentration adjustments

• Operation and maintenance of the blast furnace

• Perform preventive maintenance of the holders and perform the necessary repairs